Corporate Communications

We develop the differentiated systems that suitable for all partners of the institution in the stage of providing, protecting and developing the corporate prestige and we move forward. We lead the way by designating the communication strategies that suitable for corporate image on the subject of reaching the communication objectives.

Brand Management

We act towards the accurate positioning of the brand message in consumer’s perception, creating the consumer loyalty to the brand and aim to maintain the loyalty of mass. Right along with present brands, we realize communication positioning for the newbrands. We develop marketing events that supports our partners brand strategy and in the direction of 360 degree strategic communication plan, bring together with the audience and the brand with using all communication oppurunities.

Marketing Communications

We locate the corporations’ services and products in parallel with the requirements and specialities of the audience and develop a strategy in this direction by evaluating marketing communication oppurtinities.

– We appoint the audience and designate the instruments that we use while approaching the audience.

– We create promotion strategies that aimed at any new audiences.

– We organize meetings, seminars, congresses and motivation meetings.

– We perform the marketing and selling campaigns.

– We plan the direct marketing strategies.

Media Relations

We move with the awareness that the media is the one of the most important social partner for a institution in the stage of reaching objectives, perform the media relations in the direction of the strategies that we constitute in compliance with our partners’ objectives.

  • We appoint the media strategy for institution and its services and perform by creating media plans that intended to this strategy.
  • We offer suggestions for special news and interview subjects and ensure that the subject’s approcment on the right course.
  • We write press releases, press invitation texts and news articles.
  • We run a media assesment reports.

Leader Communications

We offer a communication approach to the leader (instution’s spokesperson or spokespeople) to position the corporation in the manner of adding communication value for at the audience and social partners’ sight without receding from instution’s and personal values. We lead the way on the execution by integrating the communication cycles that have been created for the leader with the corporate communication cycles.

Issue and Agenda Management

As one of our main objectives is topic and agenda management, we follow the sectors along with the country and world agenda that our partner corporations act in, and therefore shape our communication strategies .

Crisis Management

We give primacy to be prepared before ‘the crisis’, reveal the details of the which path will be followed by determining the possible criss issue. We create crisis management strategy by appointing what is the cause of loss of the consisted crisis and how it will affect the field of activity, evaluate every crisis in its own condition.

Public Offering Communications

We lead the way to our partners on public offering projects with our experience in the financial sector. We develop projects that provides a strategic way while transmitting the message with the most accurate channel for the public offering processes, which is a big part of the corporate communication.

Event Management

We create projects that oriented with requirements and suitable for our partners communication strategies by planning every stage of project correctly and implement them with the objective of accomplishing the perfect. We move forward with our partners with the quick and clear information flow with the awareness of success in the event management is connected with powerful coordination.

The works that we perform within event management;

  • The campaigns that raise the brand popularity and marketing power
  • Organization and logistic services
  • Selection and coordination of third parties
  • Product and other services
  • Sponsorship management
  • Direct marketing, plannig and implementations.
  • Award ceremony, openings .

Sponsorship Management

We contribute to targeted effect come into existance by leading the instutions, services and products to the most favourable sponsorships, using the budget most properly, in the most effective way, and parallel with our partners objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporate citizenship has a powerful effect on customers influence, trust and respect to a corporation and we move forward with the awareness of the companies that has consciousness of social responsibility will dissociate from their opponents. We create and perform the projects that support the improving of precious relationships with the employees, suppliers, important social partners like nongovernmental organizations, match up with the business objectives, avail the fields that they touch and put forward the institution by designating the most favourable fields for institution’s prestige.

Internal Communications

We develop the communication projects that orients the institution’s mission and its vision, to provide the adoption of corporate ethics and strategies by its employees and increase the motivation of the employees to make them the corporation’s ambassadors.

Digital Communications

We compound our knowledge on communication counselling with the dynamism of new fields that evolves in the digital change of the communication world, develop communication strategies at managing the prestige in the digital world of institutions and brands that we provide services for. We create projects that are result oriented and focused on improving the corporate and brand images in the social media, we execute them and perform studies on how to manage relationships with the opinion leaders in the respective fields.



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